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March 2016 Newsletter

March 1, 2016
Prepare Now to Become
an "Older" Driver
Take these 3 vitamins today to avoid pain killers later in your driving career
Did you know that on average, we outlive our safe driving career by 7-10 years? That's a pretty amazing statistic! 
Like preparing financially for the day you retire, it is never too early to start preparing for the day you finally achieve the esteemed title of older driver.  
Experts report that many of us spend more time planning our next vacation than we do planning for our retirement.  And unfortunately, most of us will do almost no advance planning on ways we can extend our safe driving years. 
Just as there are steps we can begin taking today to plan for retirement (the earlier the better), there are steps we can begin taking today (the earlier the better), that may someday help to extend our safe driving career.  
Taking these three vitamins (the below tips) today can help avoid the necessity of taking pain killers later in life if you ever find yourself forced to give up your keys.  
Remember...a pound of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
Tip #1:  Exercise Regularly 
We all know that physical exercise is good for us, regardless of our age.  But did you know that for older adults, there exists a very strong correlation between physical exercise and safe driving?  
Tip #2:  Keep Your Mind Sharp
In its simplest terms, driving requires the involvement of two disciplines:
  • our physical abilities (sight, flexibility, reaction time, etc.), and 
  • our cognitive abilities (memory and executive functioning)  
As important as it is to keep our body tuned up (see Tip #1), it is equally important to keep our minds active and sharp.    
Staying socially engaged with others; trying new activities and challenging ourselves, reading, and eating healthy are all great ways to help keep our minds active.  Keeping friends and loved one's close helps to ward off depression, which can obviously have an adverse impact on your cognitive health.  These are important habits to develop now to help slow the aging process while simultaneously lengthening your safe driving career, even decades from now.    
Tip #3:  Control (or prevent!) Diabetes
The CDC estimates that 29 million people in the United States (9.3 percent of our population) have diabetes.  Symptoms or complications of diabetes make it difficult to remain a safe driver.  Diabetes can cause hypoglycemia, neuropathy in your hands or feet, all sorts of vision problems and in some cases, seizures or even a complete loss of consciousness. Losing control of your diabetes is one of the quickest and surest ways to end your driving career!
To read the entire "3 Tips on Preparing to Be an Older Driver" article, click here.
Remember...our goal is to be proactive     
in extending our safe driving career, 
not reactive!  
I had no idea!
A recent study conducted by the Department of Ophthalmology, School of Medicine
and the School of Public Health at the University of Alabama (Birmingham), reported 
that older drivers who fell two or more times in the prior year were 1.5 times as likely
to be involved in an automobile accident, and a whopping 2 times as likely to be
involved in an at-fault accident!  
Click here to learn more about falls and older drivers.

Did you know that...
  • The placement of a donkey's eyes in its head enables it to see all four feet at the same time.  
  • There are more than 10 million bricks in the Empire State Building.
  • Donald Duck comics were banned from Finland because he doesn't wear pants.
  • If you lift a kangaroo's tail off the ground it can't hop.
  • During your lifetime, you will produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools.
  • The average woman uses her height in lipstick every 5 years.
  • Elephants can smell water up to 3 miles away.
  • In 1865, six-year-old Teddy Roosevelt watched Abraham Lincoln's funeral procession in NYC.
  • The launching mechanism of a carrier ship that assists planes in taking off could throw a pickup truck over a mile.
  • When possums are playing 'possum', they are not "playing." They actually pass out from sheer terror.
  • Leonardo da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time.  


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