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Are the holidays a good time to discuss older drivers?

November 2, 2016

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Q.   Are the holidays a good time to discuss older drivers?
A.  No and Yes.
      No because they are a time to enjoy the family and friends that are in town, home from college or the service.
      Yes because it may have been some time since the family has been together, relaxed and talked.  A learning conversation may be structured to reveal the good and bad that have occurred since the last family get together.
The objective is to make a difference, not to make a point!  When older drivers feel they are being heard during the learning conversation, they are more likely to support, rather than merely comply with any resulting decisions.
For tips that support the older driver and the family in this conversation, visit our website www.aghehr.com.   You’ll find our July, 2016 Ask The Expert article to help you both agree on  New Year’s driving resolutions.
Families with older drivers should keep an eye out for signs that could indicate it’s time to talk. These include:  Noticing scrapes on a parent’s car or bumper, or on a garage door or mailbox.  “Also, we suggest the person who is concerned actually ride with the person to get that bird’s-eye view,” says Julie Lee, vice president and national director for driver safety at AARP, a membership organization representing people 50 and older.

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