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What Causes Stress?

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May 2, 2016

Both external and internal events can trigger a stress response.  Perhaps our most exasperating and harmful forms of stress come from within ourselves - our so-called internal sources of stress.  Examples include the overloaded schedules we take on, the caffeine we drink, and the sleep we deprive ourselves of.

Although much of the stress we experience on a daily basis is self-generate, most people think only of external stressors when they become upset.  If only my boss, kids, or spouse would do things differently, then I wouldn't be so stressed out.  If the stock market would just bounce back, I could relax.

We are often powerless to affect or reduce the external stressors in our lives.  However, because much of our daily stress is internal or self-generated, we have the ability to do something about it, if we choose.

Many of us set unrealistic expectations upon ourselves as well as others, and although this is a frequent source of self-inflicted stress, it is one of the easiest to change.

Studies indicate that physical exercise improves memory function.  It may also reduce stress through its release of endorphins, the body's natural antidepressant hormone.  In a sense exercise works off much of our "stress energy".

Channeling the energy into a brisk walk will be more effective in reducing stress than gulping down a couple of beers.

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