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What's happening on the roads today?

October 12, 2016

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                        OCTOBER,  2016 ISSUE

Q.  What’s happening on the roads today?
A.  State Highway Patrol trooper killed in crash on Interstate 90 in Cleveland.
      Local police officer conducting a traffic stop. (school zone)
Yes,  I work on a program developed by a State Highway Patrol trooper and my son worked for many years as a police officer in our Village.
These are just two reminders of the difficult, dangerous and important work of those who have chosen to make public safety their careers.
Let’s look at a program about safe driving that makes all of their jobs easier.
The program is from “Keeping Us Safe”:
Driving Under the Influence of Dementia is a 1 hour Continuing Education presentation which focuses on the role dementia, memory and executive functioning play on older driver safety.  The presentation is supported by current-day, real-life examples as well as academic studies that confirm the correlation between cognitive decline and older driver safety.
Bringing a Peaceful Resolve to Complex & Sensitive Senior Driving Issues to help an individual (and their concerned family members) with age-related diminished driving skills make a smooth transition into a driving retirement, with minimal deterioration to the individual’s dignity or independence.
In summary, provide tangible facts (void of emotion or personal bias) that will facilitate appropriate driving decisions by the older driver and his or her family.
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For additional information on Keeping Us Safe or the "Beyond Driving with Dignity" program, please click here »

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