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Al Hehr's Presentations

  • Five Wishes Presentation - Free 15 minute to 1-hour presentation
    • Works well before lunch or exrcise programs
    • Attendees prepare sample documents or get the professionally prepared
    • Al available after presentations for question and answer session
  • Personalized Estate Plan - Do you have one?
    • Complete personalized coverage of basic estate planning (free) - 1 hour
    • Meet with Al to complete/sign all legal health, personal and financial documents & receive a hard-bound notebook containing all documents: $350
  • "Older Driver to Older Driver"
  • Our aging world radio interview - WINT Radio

Group & Individual Presentations

The following is a list of group and individual presentations I have available for your use. Starting with a new presentation and listing the older bus still relevant ones, many of your have heard.

  1. “Driving Under the Influence of Dementia” is a 1 hour Continuing Education presentation which focuses on the role dementia, memory and executive functioning play on older driver safety. The presentation is supported by current-day, real-life examples as well as academic studies that confirm the correlation between cognitive decline and older driver safety.
    CE credits available for insurance professionals, social workers and nurses.
  2. “Bringing a Peaceful Resolve to Complex & Sensitive Senior Driving Issues” to help an individual (and their concerned family members) with age-related diminished driving skills make a smooth transition into a driving retirement, with minimal deterioration to the individual’s dignity or independence.
    CE credits available for insurance professionals, social workers and nurses.
  3. “Decision & Action Plan for Legal and Long-Term Care Issues”. We should have started to plan earlier is a refrain often heard concerning the continuum of care we all go through.
    CE credits available for insurance professionals. Pending for State of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker & Marriage and Family Therapist Board and nurses.
  4. “Self-Manage Your Care” Assuming your future may require some type of long-term care, and your choice may be for in-home care with comfort, safety, and budget in mind. Also, consider the probability that more extensive care may be required in the future. Assuming your savings will cover these eventualities. Assuming you would like to increase these savings while still enjoying your retirement.
    CE credits available for insurance professionals.
  5. $350 Personalized Estate Plan Help us ADD Value to all the stages of your life! Securing your future while you’re alive. Ensuring qualify care if you become disabled. Benefiting your loved ones at the time of your death.
    CE credits available for insurance professionals.

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